Petra-JordanMy name is Hayley and to be honest, I find it hard to sum up in a sentence what I am about? I don’t really fit into a box, a description or a job title.
Originally from Inverness, I moved to London to study Musical Theatre at Italia Conti. I have always had very separate interests, from Adventure travel and physical challenges to the all singing all dancing jazz handed world of the Arts. Since graduating, I battled with where is my career going? What am I going to be? How do I combine all my passions? To say the least, I spent a few years in a state of panic, fear and what felt like a merry go round of auditions, working in a gym and probably some more panic. It was working in the gym where I discovered and began teaching Zumba fitness, this is when everything started changing. After a lucky and successful start, I opened several classes as pay-as-you go and my life as a self employed fitness instructor began. I wrote in more detail what it means to be a fitness instructor here () but in a nutshell, I had my own amazing clients, I had a way of supporting myself doing something I loved, I was using the skills I had learnt at Stage school and lastly, I was getting super fit! With my newfound love of group fitness, I started to spend more time on my other passions, writing music, presenting, I started a new company www.theeventsdancecompany.com and I got back to exploring the outdoors again, hiking, cycling, running and after 15 years as a snowboarder, I started pushing myself to be better, take risks and learn some badass tricks!
Starting this blog with a brutal honestly is as much about self therapy as it is acceptance. I have reached a stage where I am not sure where I am headed, but I know that filling my life with challenges and continue to push myself creatively and physically, I at least know that the ride is going to be epic!
In December 2015 I decided to cycle London to Inverness solo and unsupported to raise money for UKconnect. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, more on this challenge can be read here ().
Sometimes writing everything down can be incredibly therapeutic but it’s also important not to sugar coat the reality, I still have wobbles and doubts in life but I wanted to have a blog full of honesty, to document the highs the lows and to talk about the things I love:) Cheers to 2016!